Welcome to Arts et Métiers platform!

On this platform you will find all the information you need to pilot your partnerships with Arts et Métiers entities.

Picture of all partners during DemoDay 2021
DemoDay 2021 - Partners picture

Here you will be able to:
- Get an overview of the partnership you made with Arts et Métiers Acceleration,
- Follow the benchmark in industry through the factory tour you will make in several sector especially selected by Arts et Métiers Acceleration,
- Find all the startups you discovered thanks to Arts et Métiers Acceleration,
- Follow all the innovation projects you challenged Arts et Métiers Acceleration engineers with,
- Follow the partnerships with all Arts et Métiers ecosystem.

Arts et Métiers Ecosystem

Présentation de l'ecosystem A&M

Here you will be able to:
- Get an overview of all Arts et Métiers ecosystem,
- Identify the right contact to make a deal with,.

Channel Arts et Métiers

Présenation channel A&M

Here you will find all the videos Arts et Métiers Acceleration made to:
- Promote how innovation programs,
- Value the work we do with industrial partners,
- Bring knowledge to startups.